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That's why we've created the New School Bodybuilding program, to offer you a more scientifi c and streamlined approach to building a lean and muscular body along with loads of functional strength. This allows for more recovery between workouts—and more of the hormonal release necessary for growth.Try it for four weeks, and you'll see how modern thinking can get old-school results. You'll use slow negatives (the lowering portion of a lift) on some exercises to hit your muscles extra hard, and a variety of rep ranges to ensure you hit every type of muscle fi ber.A workout buddy can immediately make going to the gym seem way less like a chore, and more like another means of hanging out with a friend.

Bodybuilders have the time and genetic gifts to isolate every muscle and hit it with lots of sets in workouts that last more than an hour.Do you really want to meet up with a bunch of unknown people and grunt and sweat together? And the fact that this can track you at all times seems kind of creepy actually.Although the software is not explicitly advertised as a dating app, according to Gizmodo, the press team at Gymder describe their product as “Instagram/Tinder for athletes.” “We aim to give people the opportunity to find suitable workout buddies just when they need them,” the company said.Choose a friend who will pump you up, and save the bread for after the booty work.You've got your Lulu leggings on, you've had your pre-workout snack, and you've maybe even foam rolled a little bit to warm up.

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