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This time, not only the Tech Node journalists will attend this Media day but also the journalists from Tech Crunch come to feel the passion of the start-up in China.This is also the first Media Day of Tech Crunch in China.We believe that Tech Crunch will confirm the significance of City Hour and will help us scale and grow our business.” The app is growing virally on a daily basis. “Unlike Linked In, where people try to establish a digital connection without a real objective and purely for the numbers, City Hour encourages meeting with people personally to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships,”, adds Alex Lubinsky.Being the perfect app to jumpstart new business efforts, explore career opportunities & create new partnerships, City Hour has already been selected and featured as one of the best ‘Apps for Business Networking’ in the U. City Hour is very simple to use yet has many advanced features that add to its advantages.Its allows users to search for professionals that share their goals and objectives, but also based on sector, location and calendar availability.In-app features make it easy to find a venue nearby to meet, and quickly communicate last minute updates via its messaging system.

SAN FRANCISCO — I couldn’t figure out whether to chuckle or cringe after walking away from Startup Alley at Tech Crunch Disrupt this week.

On June 21st, Tech Crunch China and Tech Node Innovation Tour will offer you a chance to find out the leading innovation booming in Shenzhen.

For more detail, please contact Will: [email protected] Crunch x SVV x Indiegogo work together to make a different innovation hardware salon on 21th, June , Lets talk with some experienced Co-founders of hardware startup , they will talk about their unusual stories,share the difficulty what they crossed , and chat with some world-level brand’s technical header , share the experience how to make the best hardware products ?

I’m not labeling them as good ideas or bad ideas, but rather just a bit ridiculous. We’ll probably see this type of product recognition technology in supermarkets soon. You can attach UGym’s vibrating patches to any part of the body help stimulate your muscles.

And who knows, maybe all ten of these will be huge hits — the best startup ideas usually seem to have some far-fetched aspect to them. Love Nuts is a “connected” vibrator that disguises itself as a big nut and is apparently supposed to “rescue” a woman because it also doubles as a flashlight. I actually tried it out, using a handheld device to increase the amount of stimulation. I couldn’t really tell if I felt more relaxed or totally wacked out afterward.

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