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I am covered — head to toe —in itty-bitty, statically-charged foam packing chips! ” So I did what anybody who survived a horrific explosion in their living room: I grabbed my i Phone and texted “OMG! We went to a classy restaurant, but in keeping with my idea of simplicity and being true to our frugality vow, we decided to limit our order to appetizers and one drink.

The first thing Edward noticed was the smell--like a poorly cooked protein-slab, a little delicious, a little too raw. The room was quiet, closed in and dark, but for the low rumble of deep breathing and two burning eyes in the corner. He had led the way, and was already lost in the darkness. Li Ming's titanium skin shone dimly in the lamplight. Both should have been incinerated aboard the station. We need a way out of the smoke clouds and the vomit of mountain mouths and the black water seeping up from the earth with its rainbow sheen.

Maria passed around cups of dark red tea as the women watched the sexbots struggle with their puzzle. I can identify each biochemical or physical activity, dissect organs, analyze stomach contents and lung capacity, isolate toxins, evaluate liver and kidney health, spot disease, trauma or injuries of any kind.

There was one for each woman, dressed in their own tight jeans and floppy t-shirts, since it seemed ridiculous to keep them in lace and velvet on their day off. Give me a body, I'll tell you how it died, when, and often where.

Scarves are amazing and can take almost any outfit up a notch.

They are one of my favorite accessories of all time, whether I’m wearing a thick and cozy one on a snowy day, or a light and flowery one on a warmer spring day.

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