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Think about ways you can bring what you intend to pass, not in wishful thinking, but by measurable actions. Maybe you want to relax more -- not let every horn, every bus ride, every subway trip ruffle your feathers.

If you make a big funny one you will remember it and most likely will be more aware next time.

Because the behaviors of the narcissist are so mind-boggling and so out of the norm of how we might consider behaving toward someone we care about, we tend to trump them up, making the behaviors much more complicated than they really are, thus actually giving the narcissist too much credit in the long run!

I now believe – as of today – that there are really only two reasons that a narcissist acts the way he does towards his partner and everyone around him and they both have to do with control.

A class like the following would be a step towards hiding some complexity.

Worth mentioning that the Validator class from the Data Annotations namespace doesn't validate your object recursively but only top properties data attributes.

You can construct the Validation Context class without a service provider or items collection, as shown in the above code, as they are optional for the built-in validation attributes. The most important job you have is taking care of yourself. When you come from a place of strength and peace, others respond to it. A wife, a husband, a daughter, a son." You may know yourself superficially. If you're not centered and balanced, how can you assist others? In the morning, before you go out in the world, take some time to be with yourself, to contemplate your day and what you want to accomplish. Of course, he’ll swear up and down that “complicated” is far too exaggerated a description and the problem, of course, is you.Consequently, when a narcissist scolds us for making mountains out of molehills, it’s his attempt, as always, to make us doubt our intuition and the ideology serves him accordingly.

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