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Her whole life she has been a target for school bullies along with her best friends, Spencer and Gabe.Fed up with always being a target, Bea uses her math knowledge to create a formula that will guarantee the three friends popularity and happiness in school. Her boyfriend, Jesse, dumps her for the new girl, Tolie, a quintessential manic pixie dream girl.

Overall I found that the way the friends altered themselves to fit specific stereotypes were displayed perfectly and spoke volumes about the social environment in most American high schools.Characters like Ramona Flowers from are classic manic pixie dreamgirls.If you’re looking at these characters from the outside, they’re kind of annoying.Bea adopts a new “manic pixie” formula and sets a plan into motion to beat Tolie at her own game. It looks into the social aspects of high school in a new and relatable way.The tropes that the characters aimed to fill were developed well.

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