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The sweet daddy/daughter dance is always a highlight of emotion at weddings.

My cousin and her dad danced to the song, "I Loved Her First." The song is about how a father is the first man to love his daughter, and then comes a beautiful point when he gives her away to the next man to love her, her husband.

I know this is wrong and that I should only get advice from people who tithe regularly and vote the right way but I have taken all the advice below and find that I am still single.

If you want to write a guest post, send it here.) Despite my passion for christian dating values and practices I must admit that sometimes I’ve considered turning to the “world” aka COSMOPOLITAN for dating advice.

It doesn’t fit me very well and I don’t recall putting it on my Christmas list.

Even though she has decided to wait a few years until her daughter is grown to reenter the dating scene, she's confused about how to proceed.

Think about this: when you were in high school, you dated guys in your own peer group.

I mean, dating an “older” man consisted of picking someone 3 years older but who didn’t own his own car and thought burping games were fun. You’re either burnt out from dating, divorced, or never married and starting to get a bit concerned.

Online dating websites have succeeded in becoming the best way to meet people en masse.

Without common interests, values, goals, and mental and physical attraction, dating someone long-term is hopeless.

Look for people who are closer to your age and have the same interests as you.

Are you a high-achieving, strong, spiritual and successful sister who is still single after 40?

Are you starting to lose hope that there are any men who share your values and desires for a committed relationship?

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  1. Women then have the option of going to China at the man’s expense from a week to three months so as to acclimatize to the conditions and culture, and to see if they will be able to settle down.