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with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes riding shotgun -- so, is this a date?!??

The two were leaving Katsuya in Hollywood in what appears to be a pimped out vintage Rolls-Royce convertible ... Wilson is very single after pulling the plug on his two year marriage to his college sweetheart Ashton Wilson last year.

The very beautiful Jill has equally been adored for her looks as well as for the talent.They are equally stressed out and possibly in love with each other - it's hard to tell who are they are or what they actually do, even though they chatter constantly in dialogue that's supposed to clue us in.The best they can do is play the roles of two actors who are failing to achieve chemistry because they're too busy trying to make sense of their lines. A hopelessly uncool business manager, Reg (Rafe Spall), joins the tour in New Orleans with a mandate to curtail expenses.The last leg of my journey was the most testing I have ever experienced.To my darling Moko’s Veicharyne & Lasharna, Kaelyb, Christian & Kaela, Rivers & Mariah, Raine, Skyes Adam (deceased), Shayde, Tishar, Braidan, Martina, Jenaea (deceased), Sukhvir, Ford, Aizayah, Te Awanui, Charlie Anne, Toa Tera, Justyce, Chance & Lil Mike (deceased), and my first great granddaughter, Asha-Raine Hine-Aroha due in January 2017.

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