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Please note: All new and existing accounts with Content Lock enabled have the “Moderate” setting applied by default.Content Lock is only activated when you're using our network - not when you're using Wi Fi.A: Like all UK operators and ISPs, O2 blocks access to illegal images of child abuse, as defined by the Internet Watch Foundation.Quite separately, we also have policies in place for content rated 18 .Inevitably this means that some websites are mistakenly caught up in the block.

By January 2001, texts sent in a month hit a billion in the UK.

Content Lock on EE helps to keep you and your children safe online by blocking 18-rated content.

We have three settings - Strict, Moderate and Off so you can choose exactly what level of security you'd like.

At that time texts were completely free but could be sent only to people on the same network.

The medium gained instant popularity among students, who soon began shortening words into "text speak." In the early days of texting, users had to stick to a 160 character limit (there was no way of running texts together as there is today) and T9 and other predictive text systems did not exist before 1995, meaning texting speeds were much slower.

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